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Music and media services have never been so accessible. Count on us to fulfill your sheet music, audio, and website needs. Call today!

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Let us create and manage a website for you so you can focus on your work, your art and your life. The process is simple and affordable. You can send updates by email and texts, or call us. We’ll do the rest.

Be Ready

Does your work or art need to be prepared and made available to the people who desire it? We offer many services surrounding music publishing, services and sales. We can even set up an online shop for you.

Be Heard

FlintMeryl’s staff is prepared to take your music and media ideas and turn them into tangible items. We offer music services ranging from notation and composition to commercial jingles and songwriting.

About us

We love to create.

We specialize in but are not limited to, services surrounding the work of musicians and artists. Many musicians and art educators have taken advantage of our understanding of the needs and demands of their daily work and life. We understand that time spent preparing sheet music, audio and video files, advertisements and websites takes from the creative processes needed to maintain a polished act, or work. We are here to help.

It is our pleasure to create from scratch or polish digital media. We are ready to build and invent, and we welcome all ideas from our clients and our staff. We have several decades of experience with music and media. Our team consist of musicians and composers from many genres of music, technicians, web and graphic design artists. We use the finest professional software available, and we know them well.

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We can use the domain name of your choice and set up an email account using your new domain.

We only use code, software and third party extensions that we know and trust.

Set up a blog to share your thoughts and expertise. We’ll even manage it for you.

Our designers use search engine optimization tools and know the how-to’s of search engine results.

Add a shopping cart to your website for downloads and services.

We’ll organize your website to flow towards your goal in having it. We’ll help steer your visitors.

Add your works to a marketplace to increase visibility and draw more potential customers.

You will not have to do anything except to tell us what you desire. We’ll do the rest. Contact us today.